What’s Your Car’s Most Frustrating Feature?

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This past weekend noticed the 100th functioning of the Pikes Peak Worldwide Hill Climb, exactly where driver Randy Pobst and his closely-modified Product S Plaid had been established to operate a blistering time up the mountain. Through the 1st portion, Pobst and Plaid did precisely that, but the two acquired slower and slower as the race wore on. But what hampered the time of the thousand-horsepower EV? Its local weather controls.

See, Pikes Peak was chilly past weekend, and the Tesla’s windshield started off to fog up. Pobst, in the midst of a race, couldn’t determine out how to turn on the car’s entrance defroster by its centre touchscreen. A element, solely usual in autos for many years, experienced been created annoying by its implementation in the Model S. What aspect has the very same outcome in your vehicle?

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I can identify just one which is shared across many vehicles I have owned: A boxer motor. Between my 2014 FR-S and 2005 Legacy GT wagon, I learned the strengths and weaknesses of these flat-fours properly. Even though they may be a stand-out attribute to some, with their dual overhead cam style and minimal middle of gravity, they have a lot more than their truthful share of frustrations.

Boxers weigh far more than an equal inline-four, considering that they want two separate cylinder heads with all the involved cams, gears, and castings. They aren’t specifically effortless to work on, as shoving the heads into the entrance fender liners doesn’t make for great spark plug obtain. Worst of all, outside of the basic unequal-duration-header STi burble (which comes with its personal reliability faults), they really don’t even seem significantly very good. Boxer engines may perhaps be a stand-out element, but they’re a deeply discouraging one.

But what aspect is irritating in your car or truck? Do you have a dial shifter that you can by no means feel to get appropriate, or a valved exhaust that never ever failed to wake the neighbors when you are just attempting to go to do the job? Let us know in the comments, and we’ll collect our beloved disheartening options for the foreseeable future (tomorrow).