The Volvo Polestar O2 Sports Coupe Concept

By Giles Milner, July 1, 2022

Rory Reid normally takes a day off his key task, functioning a cellular pie & chips van, to focus on his next job, pretending to be a motoring journalist. The value of living disaster has impacted Rory and his next job ought to enable his key enterprise to survive these uncertain periods. Nevertheless, Rory’s next task will get him privileged entry to vehicle launches and particular invitations.

Obviously, Rory’s pies and chips have impressed Volvo executives to this kind of an extent that they invited him to just take a glimpse at the Volvo Polestar O2 coupe principle. As awesome as the Volvo Polestar O2 coupe thought is, it will never make it to output.

Principles are designed for a range of reasons. For Volvo, it is a chance to visualize the company’s potential design route. Maybe a foreseeable future output-all set by-product of the O2 notion will include specific styling factors. A vehicle principle is also a likelihood to benchmark the design and style to a broader audience.

In addition, the O2 principle will crank out publicity for Volvo Polestar. Will Volvo make the O2? No. The accountants will stage out that sporting activities coupes offer in low volumes and the chance of earning a profit is not likely in the lengthy time period. It is a pleasant notion while.

Volvo O2 Coupe Concept