If you are new to Rift and either playing, or planning on playing, as the Warrior calling/class, then you need to read this Rift Warrior guide. The four different callings in the game all play very differently from each other, and are not comparable to similarly named callings from other games such as WoW.

The Warrior class is basically the king of PvP, and is also the champion of tanking. If large amounts of damage need to be absorbed or dealt out, then the Warrior is the go-to calling. Also, if you want to cause lots of damage per second to one enemy then the Warrior is very good. The properties of the Warrior are also massively augmented by the unique soul system in Rift.

You can have up to four different specs available in Rift, and switch between them very easily. This means you can go from PvP to PvE, DPS or defense rapidly.

As a Warrior in Rift you will probably want:

* A leveling spec (this will help cut down on the time it takes to gain levels, and makes power leveling much more simple)

* A solid PvP spec.

* A power PvE spec.

* A tanking spec.

This will give you four different ways of playing Rift with your Warrior, and will provide you with a lot of interesting and useful gameplay possibilities.

As far as statistics go, Warriors need high Strength and Endurance. Dexterity is not quite so important (although it is still a worthy consideration) as you can mitigate a lower dexterity by equipping weapons that have a high critical hit chance.

When starting out as a Warrior in Rift, your first soul should be Riftblade. Although this soul has been weakened somewhat by recent updates, it is still very powerful and enables you to wield a lot of static damage- this means that you can deal lots of damage at lower levels, even without strong weapons. This will therefore give you an edge earlier on in the game.

Your next soul choice when you unlock soul 2 ought to be Champion. This soul has an ability (Bull Rush) that will help you level up more quickly. Also, Soldiers Bearing will increase your damage by 5%.

This basic Rift Warrior guide will help you to understand the mechanics of the Warrior calling, as well as set you on the right path to creating a powerful character. Although the Rogue is probably the easiest calling to play as in Rift, the Warrior is one of the most exciting because it can get right into the thick of battle and cause serious damage to the enemy. Also, you will always be in demand for parties and instanced gameplay (such as dungeons) if your Warrior is a strong tank.