One of the best skills you can learn when riding a pit bike is popping a wheelie. Its pretty much the most tried trick newbie riders want to learn when first buying a Pit bike.

The principle and strategy once understood for popping a wheelie is quite easy just the implementation stage is the most challenging but I’ll give you some quick tips which will make you a expert in no time.

5 Fast Tips to Popping a wheelie

Don’t be scared to fall off Sounds obvious but no pain no gain. Your not going to get seriously hurt maybe a few bumps and bruisers but its all part of it. You need understand that if you are scared you will never master this trick because its inevitable you will come off. Wear the proper protective clothing like pants, helmet, pads, boots.

Balancing is the key When you start off I recommend you use second gear for the main duration of the wheelie. After you move from first to second gear lean back putting you body weight towards the rear of the seat. Your bottom should be almost to the end of the seat so you center of gravity is over halfway. You must lean back enough so the front wheel is greater that 45 degrees.

Using Your foot brakes to balance Keep leaning back and slowly increasing the throttle. You are trying to find the balance point of the bike. If you find your going to back flip don’t worry a easy way to combat this is to either put your feet down and let go of the bike or tap on the rear foot brake and it will lower the front wheel. If the bike falls don’t worry it won’t break just maybe a few scratches. Another way is to drag you feet on the ground as you initiate the wheelie. This is kind of cheating but its a good way to learn. When you can balance then put your feet on the pegs.

Holding your revs in the Wheelie to keep momentum If you don’t keep the revs up the front wheel will drop down because you lost momentum and speed. You can correct this by changing up a gear to third but this is a little more advanced and you must master the balancing first before attempting this stage.

Holding the wheelie for a extending time with Gears changers Changing gears keeps your revs up but additional skill is need because your on the back wheel while changing gears. Again this is similar to “Keeping your momentum” and for the more advanced rider. You can wheelie for miles if you change gears. I know riders who can wheelie for 3-4 miles on a Pit bike. Yes amazing I must admit.

Super little trick for newbie riders: If you want to pop wheelies for miles then use this trick. Well its not really a trick more like a modification to your bike. Keep the revs up to max and don’t be scared to use your foot brake allot. What we are going to do is attach a front mounted brake on the handle bars for the rear. Because your the foot brake is only small on pit bikes its harder find sometimes. Your feet will slip during riding so when you need to use the foot brake to prevent back flipping your foot could slip. Take off the foot brake assembly pedal all together so there is no foot back pedal. Remove the existing hydraulic cable and buy a longer one similar to the length of your front brakes but it must reach from the rear brake assembly to your front handle bars. You need to buy a front brake housing assembly for the left hand side. You can source them off eBay very cheaply $20-$30. It must be the left hand side because obviously the right hand side is needed for the throttle. A Py90 or Quad assembly will do the trick. Make sure it matches the bolt diameter of the hydraulic brake line so will match the both brake housings. Bleed the brakes so it works. Now you have front mounted Rear brakes. Wheelie at you hearts on content and when you feel your going to back flip tap on the left hand brake and your front wheel will immediately come down 🙂 (make sure all the parts are properly fitted by a qualified mechanic)