How bikes can help you connect with your children


The 5 Best Trailer-Bikes for Cycling with Kids

Even with the development of airports, rail lines, and other advanced means of transportation, many people rely heavily on the road transportation network, and the reason isn’t far-fetched. Apart from the fact that movement by road is almost as old as mankind, roads offer far-reaching coverage and presence, making it the most accessible among other means of transport, unlike air, water, and rail that are restricted to runways, the sea, and railings respectively. There are a number of road transport modes, which include automobiles, buses, trucks, bikes, and even pedestrian walkways. The word ‘bike’ could be used to mean motorcycle, motorbike, or bicycle. Over the years the use of bikes has grown rapidly. This is partly because the rise of automobiles has constantly led to an increased number of traffic jams/ gridlocks on roads in many cities. This is also because bikes do not cost as much as many other vehicles in terms of cost of purchase and maintenance, and as such different sportswear and accessory companies now offer bikes via their online store.

Technology has led to the gradual proliferation of different types of bikes, both in design, sizes, and features, and it has enhanced the convenience that could be derived from using bikes. That aside, bikes proffer other quantifiable and unquantifiable benefits, one of which is that they serve as a means of connecting with the people we love or care about. In this article, we would touch upon some advantages of bikes and the ways bikes help us connect with our children.

There is no better time to bond with your child(ren) than over a new activity, and many adults will gladly tell stories of their parents teaching them to ride a bike with nostalgia. Learning to ride involves the risk of falling, and riding can only be mastered through the art of balance. How do you trust that you won’t fall as you learn to pedal if your father, mother or elder brother/sister is not there to guide you, push the bike, break the fall or just cheer you on? This in itself holds an important life’s lesson that will be imprinted in the subconscious of your child – “my parent is dependable, my parent will always have my back, and even if/when I fall, my parent will still be there to pull me up, clean my bruise(s) and then cheer me on”. Perhaps it is that heightened sense of connectivity that people speak of when they reminisce about their experience learning to ride a bike.

Bikes can also serve as a means of incorporating exercise into the daily activity of your child.

For some children, exercising on their own or with friends is less fun compared to having their parents exercise with them, and this might be the case especially for younger children. For some other children, they will not move an inch if you do not find ingenious ways to get them off the couch or away from the television, and in such cases, you might consider the child biking to school instead of using the school bus if the school is not too far off. You can also introduce biking as a form of family exercise or hangout with your children. You can easily do this during free days such as holidays, vacations or on weekends. This doesn’t only help to keep the body fit, it also helps to build togetherness and can boost the connection you share with them.

Another way is that you can consider introducing biking/bike racing as one of the major activities on your holiday/vacation plans. This is because biking isn’t only used for enjoying leisure periods, but can also be used as a sporting activity. You can stage minor competitions and bike races between you and your family/children to help light up your holiday or vacations, as well as offer small rewards to the winner. This little gesture would not only help boost the spirit of sportsmanship and teamwork in them, but it could also spark up more connection than you could have imagined.

However, riding bikes for long distances can be quite tedious, but through technology, electric bikes have been developed to help cover longer distances, at a faster rate, typically saving more human energy. Also depending on your lifestyle and income, using a bike as a mode of transporting yourself could save you the cost of purchasing or maintaining an automobile or any other vehicle. It could also save you the time and energy used in queuing up at train or bus stations if the distance is bike-able. If you eventually become interested in owning an electric bike, you should conduct some research by visiting online platforms and getting people’s experiences through platforms like Rad Powerbike reviews and others before you make any concrete decisions or purchases. It is also advisable to take precautionary measures to avoid accidents by purchasing proper sportswear and gears designed specifically for biking activities.

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