CVT Transmission – Reliable Transmission System For Your Vehicle


A CVT transmission may be one of the most reliable transmission options available for a truck. But what is a CVT transmission, and why is it so reliable? There are many factors to consider when choosing a transmission system for your vehicle. We’ll discuss the pros and cons of the CVT transmission in this article.


A CVT transmission does not make use of traditional gears such as an automatic transmission; instead, it makes use of 2 separate pulleys connected by a long belt. It’s similar to a snowmobile transmission: One side of the belt moves the drive train, and the other side locks the drivetrain into position. The best job possible with a CVT transmission is getting the transmission to lock and start in the same spot each time. This is why transmission replacement service by NOLA Automotive Repairs is often called the best job in the auto shop!

In addition to a reliable starting point, CVT transmissions are also reliable when it comes to holding the line. This is because the starting motor is in the front and the transmission fluid goes through the transmission to the back of the engine. Therefore, the starter is always “on”, even when the truck is running. While an automatic may start and stop, a CVT transmission will hold the line until the transmission fluid comes out of the engine and the starter shuts off. This means that there is never any need to ‘overfill’ the transmission fluid nor will the transmission need to be returned to the shop for fluid refill.

Consistent pressure on the transmission fluid

Another factor that makes a CVT transmission reliable is the fact that a master cylinder is installed in the transmission fluid reservoir. This means that the pressure on the transmission fluid is always consistent, so there is no need for a service tech to come out at 2 am because the master cylinder is “off”. Instead, the truck will go into gear and run as normal. A service tech must also be notified that a CVT transmission may require servicing every couple of thousand miles or every couple hundred thousand miles of driving in a city.

As with all transmission repair jobs, you must first ensure the problem is with the transmission itself before you begin to do any work to the car. This is the reason for the long waiting period between when the problem occurs and the time when you bring your vehicle in for transmission service.

What type of maintenance or repairs you need

After this service has been completed, your next step will be to determine what type of maintenance or repairs you need to do to the vehicle. The longer the wait when the problem occurred and the time when you bring the car in for transmission repair work, the more likely the issue is going to be serious. Some service technicians recommend that you have the transmission work done every five thousand miles. However, this is not guaranteed. There is a possibility that the issue will recur, meaning you have to take the car back out, get it running again and then have the work done. You should only get this type of service done as a last resort, as every situation is different.

Fuel effectiveness

Another benefit of a CVT transmission is fuel effectiveness. The CVT has two speeds and one gear change, allowing the transmission to respond to the slightest change in the amount of fuel being used. This not only increases fuel efficiency but can also cut down on wear and tear on the vehicle. This is one of the best pros, as fuel efficiency has always been a big pro for many cars.

A used CVT car is the worst possible thing you could buy, as a used unit is likely to be in bad shape, so you will end up spending even more money than you would have spent if you had bought a used CVT. If you need transmission replacement service, rather than trying to do it alone, you may want to call your local transmission repair service to do the job for you.

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